Last night I wanted to see my daughter so I went to sleep on the couch.

The introverted thinker is a busy senior and gets home around 8 Monday through Thursday.

She got home and I tried to wake up.

I failed for quite a while. She said, "Why are you on the couch and not in bed?"

"I wanted to see you." I left in the morning before she got up.

"What time did you get up?"

"Two. But I've been lying on the couch since two pm and my muscles aren't hurting." Having to rest annoys the hell out of me when I am awake. "Eat dinner in here with me."

"But mom, you keep falling asleep in the middle of a sentence."

True, dat. I was falling asleep like dropping into oblivion, dropping into eternity, rolling off a log.

She brought me some garlic naan. "I'm jealous of how fast you can fall asleep." She is half laughing.

I was finally waking up a bit. We started discussing the zika virus. Oh, and there is a dog influenza that is killing dogs.

"Will it cross to people? People kiss their dogs." My daughter has realized that she doesn't like pets. Our cat cries when I am gone and she wears one of my sweaters to reluctantly pat the cat.

"Well, most influenza seems to cross from pigs or chickens to people. Pigs have a closer immune system to ours than dogs. They use pig valves in people's hearts, less immune reaction." I thought about it. "That does not explain chickens."

"Two legs." says the introverted thinker.

I start laughing. "Two legs? But pigs have four. A virus says, hey, these chickens are great, but look: people have two legs too...."

"They are telling people not to get pregnant for two years in Brazil. Two years! I hope it doesn't come here. People don't know they have it!"

"Remember, right now it's going person, mosquito, person. So not person to person. Unless it changes."

"Oh, that's right."

"A new plague."

"Damage to the next generation when you don't know you have it!"

"Postmenopausal women will suddenly be very valuable for sex and sought after."

My daughter rolls her eyes.

"My cousin has a blog now about her dog who is going to have puppies."

"A pregnant dog blog?" my daughter giggles.


"Will there be a puppy shower?" We are both entranced for a while about what a puppy shower would entail. I may have to knit something.

And then I trail off to bed up the stairs, since my daughter refuses to carry me.....

.....and fall again.....



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