I miss my mother in May. Well, all the time, but she died near Mother's Day and her birthday was near Memorial Day.

I suppose if one lives to 100 every day is a remembrance.

Hello loneliness

Here I am again
give me a hug
it's been a while

I've been so happy
I feel so loved

he has to go on a trip
to care for family

I am so sick
my heart hurts most of the time

it is tiring
it is tiresome

I may get better
or not

hello loneliness
hello illness
hello fraility
hello death

pull up a chair

and I'll make tea

I wrote this in early April when I thought I might not survive this round. I would see my mom. But....I still hope to see grandchildren. In spite of horror and gossip and damage and assumptions and meanness and... Loss.