A bucket bargain cheap chinese restaurant in Soho, London. Situated near Leicester Square at 41 Wardour Street the venue is like a Mc Donalds for those who don't like Mc Donalds. If you know what you want you can be in and out in 15 minutes and have change from £5. The place is often slated for rude service and impatient waiters but this is probably because they don't realize what the restaurant is about.

Eat, Pay, Leave.

This isn't a place to come with 5 other people and dwell over a couple of hours and 7 bottles of wine. (Although they do sell wine and beer). Try that and you will definitely be given the evils by the staff. Chow down then go away for a(nother) drink.

Do expect to be seated with someone else but that is part the appeal. You might even find a new friend. The most efficient eating process can be choosing whatever your table mate is eating.

Watching the waiters do their stuff is fantastic entertainment as they weave their way round the tables with dishes, or if you gain a seat by the window you can watch the street action outside.