Konica is a film and photographic equipment company that remains in less widespread use than Kodak or Fuji yet has been in the market (at least in Japan) since around 1929. Their excellent Centuria film line was released in 1999.

Their film products include:

    Centuria 35mm Colour Film
  • Centuria 100 - Very sharp film with great saturation. Definitely the best ISO 100 I have ever used. Photographed a wedding indoors with flash and all shots were clear with brilliant colours.
  • Centuria 200 - Sold as an excellent film with good saturation and sharpness at higher speeds.
  • Centuria 400 - Newer film of Konica's that is rumoured to be easily competative with Fuji and Kodak for overall quality. Again, emphasis on colour reproduction.
  • Centuria 800 - Another ISO 800 film. What can I say. If you need it this fast, it couldn't be much worse than other consumer ISO 800 film. :)
    Professional Colour Film
  • Professional 160 - High quality professional film. Good stuff for the serious photographers out there.
  • Professional 400 - Good quality film for professional work requiring high speeds. Like all Konica's films, high emphasis on maintaining good colour saturation.
  • Impresa 50 Professional - Slow ISO 50 film for professional-quality results without requirement for special photofinishing.
    Advanced Photo System Colour Film
  • Centuria 200 APS - Indoor/Outdoor all-purpose APS film.
  • Centuria 400 APS - Indoor/action APS film.
  • Centuria 800 APS - High speed film sold to "extend the range of APS cameras." (shrug)
    Other Film
  • Chrome R-100 - The only slide film Konica manufactures. Yet again, the claim is true-to-life colour.
  • Monochrome VX 400 - Good monochrome film offering many processing options.
  • Infrared 750 Black & White - High speed film marketed for scientific purposes.

Additionally, Konica sells equipment such as minilabs, photographic paper, photo scanners, and cameras. If you haven't used their film, I recommend you locate somewhere that sells rolls and at least give it a try. Compare it to your favourite brands. I can't guarantee it'll be better, but I can tell you it'll be close.