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littlerubberfeet Is the OED in the public domain?

$ haze lrf: you're kidding, right?

no......I wasn't, but it is a crazy idea. Shame we can't autonode the first edition...sigh.

Etymology of my handle.

Littlerubberfeet comes from an obscure, early 90's computer joke. The story goes about like this:

A taxi driver in New York picked up a guy from an Apple conference, in which they were presenting the Newton PDA. The taxi driver had to put up with this guy all the way to La Guardia airport. The taxi driver finally got sick of him, and asked the sales person "Does it have LRF support?" The sales person responded, "I'm sure it does, I know it does, it has everything...but what is it again?" The taxi driver finally told him at the airport that it was Little Rubber Feet support, refering to the small rubber squares on the bottom of computer equipment. The egotistical salesperson was thus made a fool of by a taxi driver. This joke sunk into obscurity after a brief appearance in Wired magazine, for obvious reasons.

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