A valid and entertaining entry from the gazelle to which I would like to add the male perspective.

Firstly I would have to agree that the sight of a finely mown front lawn is indeed a surprise and a veritable treat for the lucky recipient.

I too have been known to practice the art of pubic trimming since around the same time as the gazelle, well exactly the same time actually, and I believe that the benefits for the male strimmer are also worth the investment of a Remington beard trimmer. Although the asthetic will never quite match that of the female punani due to the unfortunate design of the male appendage, the results can still raise a delighted smile from ones SO. The fact that one has taken time to look good for their partner in an oft neglected area demonstrates a very intimate degree of respect.

Also, the checking out of the newly refurbished region in front of a full-length mirror can lead to a smug face usually connected with a 'pleased with purchase' viewing of a new item of clothing that looks even better that it did in the shop.

One word of advice, please find yourself a Remington beard trimmer as they have the vital extra accessories such as a small comb and brush as well as well spaced shaving grades - I had the annoyance of having my original stolen and made the grave mistake of purchasing a vastly inferior Philishave model, no extras and poorly space grades which, if you're not careful can leave you with a GI pubeline!

You can pick up beard trimmers for a couple of bucks in the right shops but personally I'd rather take to my nethers with a rusty nail than buy an inadequate trimmer.

You get what you pay for in the world of the dedicated pubic barber!