Lord of the Flies was also parodied to great effect in an episode of The Simpsons.

The school bus had capsized after accidentally ending up in the ocean and Bart & his schoolfriends ended up stranded on a desert island with only the slime on rocks as food.

Bart, using Milhouse's inhaler as underwater breathing apparatus, explores the wreckage of the school bus to find a trunk full of sweets and doritos.

When the others find out that, during the night, Milhouse has eaten all the rations, a kangaroo court finds decides to kill Milhouse and his two friends (Bart and Lisa) and eat them instead.

A comedic romp ensues as the children don the 'lord of the flies' face paint etc etc.

Eventually the issue is resolved as they find and eat a wild boar and calm is restored.

The funniest bit of the show (in my opinion) however is right at the end when the screen pans out from the island as if at the end of a film when guest narrator James Earl Jones concludes the tale with;

"So you see, the children learned to live together and were eventually rescued by,....Oohhh, let's saayyy...Moe"