I had to resign my job this week. My other option was getting fired, which looks bad with the temp agency, so I resigned. I have to call them on Monday, to remind them that January 3rd will be my last day at this gig.

I've had the current job for about 4 months. It's nothing big, or wasn't at first. I move stuff around for a group that does research on organ transplants at the University of Minnesota. Mostly that means I go back and forth between their office and the medical buildings, carrying around medical files and the mail. Not too hard, right? I can't do it.

Ever since I got shot last year I've had memory problems. I've got problems with my long term recall, and I have serious problems with my short term memory. What this means is that I have more moments where I blank out for a second than most people do, and that when I have these moments, I can't backtrack to figure out what was going on because my mind is blank. If I can't figure out what's happening from context, and I can't get someone to help me, I have no way of remembering what I was doing or what's going on around me.

If the job didn't affect organ transplants, it wouldn't be a big deal.

So my immediate supervisor asked me to resign. She's going to help me look for work, she's talking to people at the co-ops, which would be more my speed even though it would make money even tighter.

Losing this job is a little bigger than most of the others. I was going to become a permanent employee at the University. I was going to have health insurance. I was going to be able to take free classes. I was going to be able to join the union in less than a year.

This is the fifth job I've had since I got shot. I've had to resign two, I've gotten fired from two, and the other was a month long temp position at the University Bookstore during rush week. I feel like this is never going to be over, that I'm never going to get away from this event. Every time I feel like I'm starting to get things together, it turns out that I still can't do something really basic.

I want my life back.