Whereas I love (sarcasm) trying to sleep through nightmares and let the absolute terror of them keep me huddled in fear under my covers, I thought it would rather be a better idea to spend the 4 more hours until any sane person would wake up with my lights and computer on. With that said...

Something evil was following me. The whole night. It wasn't tangible, although it showed up in various forms, and each time it scared the shit out of me.
  • Spent a good half of the night half asleep, half awake, thinking that some psychotic maniac was waiting outside my bedroom door with an axe.

  • When I finally fell asleep, I dreamed that said person had killed one of my friends brutally in the woods, which I and two other people had been witness to. Now this psycho freak had to stalk down all the people who had seen him do the crime and kill us in turn. He was standing right outside my window, grinning up at me with an evil smile, and stroking the blade of his axe... but I had to pretend I was asleep so he wouldn't see me staring back at him.

  • Something... not the evil guy... was trying to get in my room. Scratching at my door, and a voice croaking, thick and musty, "Let me in..." No way in hell. Heard someone whistling an eerie tune... yet more evil. And then my door came flying open, and someone was on the verge of walking in when I woke myself up screaming "Get out, get out!"

  • When my heart stopped pounding, and I convinced myself that all was fine, and I was still safe in my bed, I fell back asleep and dreamt I was sitting in a church, staring out a window... there was a knocking on the door, and the priest went to go answer it... the priest disappeared. Instead, a shrunken, yellow, hunched-over creature came back in his place. It looked like a dead bald man, and had a horrible small pinched face. It turned to me and bared its teeth, hissing. We locked eyes, and it pointed one crooked finger at me. "No fucking way," I said, waking myself up again.

So it's 5 am. Too bad. I'm not going back to sleep, psychos and weird vampire things bedamned.