I received a message on my voicemail yesterday... "Hey liha, it's Bob! I missed you the other day when I was in town voting for Pat Buchanan..."hysterical laughter ensues followed by a hang up.

I live in Palm Beach County. And I am saddened by all the insults PBC has been getting due to the ballot screw-up. You see, the butterfly ballot is not as cut and dry as hackthemainframe says above. In 1996, the butterfly ballot was banned in Massachusetts due to complaints and a miscount. See the folowing article from CNN:

This makes me laugh. We aren't senile, Bob and I, we are not. And I don't think the rest of Palm Beach County is either. We've just made a mistake, we were fooled.

On a side note, seventy-five percent of the population in Palm Beach County voted. However, fifty percent of the population of Texas, Bush's home state, didn't even bother to go to the polls. I am proud of the amount of people in my county that voted, even if they were duped.
hackthemainframe: you are absolutely correct. I should NOT be comparing PB with Texas, my appologies. And I'd like to retract my statements on the percentage of voter turnouts. Seems I shouldn't trust in the evening news to give me correct information. However, your story about the children voting using the butterfly ballot as a comparison to PBC seems almost as implausible. Where is your proof of this test? Can the ballot be presented to see if it looked like the one PBC used? Surely the pictures present the possibility of a larger voting ballot and thus present more ease in punching the correct spot.

I would like to point out that only 3,407 people in PBC voted for Buchanan (states from cnn.com) out of the 430,000 people that did vote. Perhaps those 3,407 people are indeed senile as hackthemainframe said. 19,000 folks double punched, at least they realized their mistake, however, not doing anything about it is pretty stupid.