Liberal Arts and the Internet

The technical side of the Internet is based on well written explanations of easy to understand and flexible protocols and methods of usage (see RFCs). It is as much a labor of love on an unbelievable scale as it is a technical wonder. Liberal Arts Majors (Libarts) have had no trouble applying their skills in the technical field. In the technical field alone I can think of some obvious work most libarts can do competently:

Many famous computer scientists are in fact libarts majors.

If you want to do computer work, you could also proactively plan ahead and aim for a double major or pick something computer-related as your minor. This way you could not only have liberal arts background but also something computer-related. (See MIS/Information Technology/Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Computer Science/Telecommunication Engineering.)

Computer-related skills comes from lots of hands-on interactions but at time it can be pleasantly cerebral.

Some computer folks notice that they have to keep up with their math in order to solve some of the tougher problems they come across in their work. Math is no mystery, but there are some strange characteristics of the learning process, it's hard to appreciate grade 9 math without first understanding grade 8 math, for example.