Software package available from Bio-Networking Architecture ( recently profiled by the BBC : which applies ant theory, i.e. bug behavior, to high-traffic communications networks and packet switching. This fundamentally creepy, Burroughsesque idea is allegedly being funded in part by AT&T, who have (...i suppose...) ceased being satisfied with drone behaviour on the part of their workforce and would now like to get their corporate structure working on an essentially hive level as well.

Work on emulating insect organization in telecommunications systems specifically, according to published research and reports, is still operating at a preliminary level. However, the consortium named above is attached to the Network Research Group, Dept. of Information and Computer Science : University of California, Irvine. (...the CompLit dept. there apparently is awful, not sure about the rest of them...)

All this will allegedly affect the fields of Operations Research, Artificial Intelligence, Meta-Heuristics and Neural networks : which then gets us into cybernetics and cellular automata, etc. ( be honest, you'd better just go read about these things...)