You play a game of pool. You rack the balls, shoot, scratch, shoot again, etc. and we film the whole thing just with closeups of each ball. And now I show you the whole game, one ball at a time (you can't see the cue) only in reverse. Did you even notice? Our physics is all time symmetric. It doesn't matter which was the ball goes or time flows, it's all legal. While it would be strange if a number of pool balls all reconfigured into a perfect triangle, there's nothing to suggest that it's impossible.

Entropy is commonly understood as a measure of the disorder of a system. Now according to particle theory everything, even you and me, is made out of tiny particles which are constantly in motion, (unless it gets really, really cold in here) have attractive forces between them, etc. So here's the deal: We consider temperature to be a measure of the average kinetic energy of a system of particles. Note: Kinetic! So these particles are moving, and they may be moving fast or slow but they're essentially moving randomly. Now consider one more thing, Boltzman's equation for entropy, S = klnW, which illustrates a proportionality between entropy (S), and the natural logarithm of the number of possible state configurations (W). So by the third law of thermodynamics, all systems above 0 Kelvin, have entropy thus are always randomly existing in alternating configurations. But since all this is just random, we could conceive that something "random" could just as soon happen. Suppose all the particles in your eternally vibrating body pulled downwards simultaneously. Well you'd probably cough before you started to melt but these particles are acting erratically so who's to say it wouldn't happen? And when you consider that on an infinite timeline the probability of everything goes to one, if we wait long enough we should get to see our whole universe melt or jump or fragment into a million little pieces (which would be phenomenal considering the number of pieces the universe really has).

Now you're probably thinking something like, "but there are rules against this sort of behavior young man! How dare you discredit that great works of Newton or Faraday! I will not hear another word of this nonsense! Recant!"

And so verily I say unto thee: "Probability!

"But Sir! Newton hardly constructed 'Laws' inasmuch as he developed rules of thumb for big things that aren't going too fast. Do you really believe that the great and mighty universe would bow to the meager suggestions of lesser beings? The world does what it wants to and out of respect for humanity, and a general slothful and apathetic nature, it occasionally yields to our suggestion!

"My friends! Systems of particles are far too numerous to colonize. The atomic census is and always has been a nightmare! Members of the molecular parliament are disassociating left and right out of sheer embarrassment. Electrons don't unionize, they ionize! Simply put, the organization is lacking. Unity at the atomic level is a picopipedream! It's the sort of thing that could only occur in the nether regions of the infinite timeline."

So keep your petty solid mechanics or vibrations. But fear the day when atoms unbind and bound together. Do not be so naive as to believe that anything is permanent or rigid. Everything is in a constant state of indecision, of entropy.