Nothing's perfect. Rather all life, all things imitate perfection.

God created man in His image remember? But there's a problem if we begin and end our relationship with perfection there, because if we're willing to accept that Perfection created man then it's not a far step backwards to admit that Perfection created everything beforehand too. But we don't see much of God anymore. Well at least not in the same grandeur of the Big Bang or whatever you want to call the beginning, but "in His image" is more than just a 3D model of a formless mass of everythingness? Then "in His image" goes beyond man and skin. It suggests that this might just be the best of all possible worlds. Optimistic. But we're losing track of the point here. Life imitates Perfection. Incompleteness is the important part here. Because Perfection (as Hesse taught us) implies oneness.

Hear O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is One!,

if man is also one with himself then why does God need to remind us that he is just like us? It's absurd that an affirmation of faith would draw God to a parallel with man rather then keep him at a distance. Moreover, if God is just like man and yet is God it leads a man to worship man or worship himself, ultimately breaking God's second commandment. So no, we've misinterpreted. Instead, there is one God and he is one and he is oneness. But in that realization comes the understanding that man is not God, man is an image of Perfection, an imitation.

Synergy is "An effect of the interaction of the actions of two agents such that the result of the combined action is greater than expected as a simple additive combination of the two agents acting separately." Synergy is creating oneness from the multiplicity of oneself and coming out of it with more than you started. Oneness is the goal of the keen imitation that strives for Perfection.