The Arbor AP230 guitar is a solidbody electric guitar styled after (or, to use the slightly less poetic term, "completely ripped off from") the Gibson Les Paul.

There is very little information about Arbor as a company, but what I have picked up (from a rather sketchy source, but it's all I've got, sorry) is that it was founded by an Ibanez ex-president and a Yamaha ex-manager (although, as evidence of the source's sketchiness, it doesn't mention any names) in 1984. They bought a factory in Hamamatsu, Japan and produced the guitars from 1984 to 1986, when they were forced by a joint lawsuit from Fender and Gibson to sell the company, and production moved to Korea under new ownership.

There are two models of the AP230. One is the standard AP230, which comes in either black or white and has gold plating on the pickups and tuners (or hardware, if you don't like saying that mouthful). The other is the AP230CS, which comes in a red sunburst paintjob and has nickel-plated hardware.