I was stardust, but here are the words of a woman who is stardust now on the subject…

from the journal of Eleanor

on November 22.1963, while I dusted my living room, the radio broadcast to which I was listening suddenly halted, and a shaky voice reported the shocking, unbelievable news that President Kennedy was shot. The tragedy occurred while he was riding in a procession in Dallas. Governor Connelly of Texas was also injured. The sniper fired from a window of a tall building.

Shaken, I stopped dusting and concentrated on the broadcast. The car carrying the wounded men moved rapidly to a hospital. Not long after, another voice added to the trauma—“President Kennedy is in serious condition. The President is moribund". Soon after , the dreaded words were spoken, “The president is dead.”

An Associated Press Article written by Saul Pett in 1963 describes what followed:

"And the word went out that time and place
and cut the heart of a nation.
In streets and offices and homes and stores, in lunchrooms and showrooms, and school rooms and board rooms, on highways and prairies and beaches and mountain tops, in endless places crowded and sparse, near and far, white and black, Republicans and Democrats, management and labor, the word went out and cut the heart of a nation. There was a great slowing down and a great stopping, and the big bronze gong sounded and…the New York Stock Exchange stopped, just stopped.”