Some people's e-mail address tells you a lot about them. For example, esteemed e2god Uberfetus' address is This can tell you several things (and I better be good, he might read this). The most obvious is that he uses a Mac. is owned by Apple, and available only to people who use their iTools service, which is only available to users of MacOS 9. So we know Uberfetus uses either a fairly new Mac, or he upgraded the OS. Second, he likes Kraftwerk, a pseudo-industrial german band. Other examples would be people whose address ends in This says the person is either:
  1. Cheap.
  2. Wants to access their address anywhere.
  3. Just got on the internet and can't figure out a POP or IMAP client.

Yet another example, a more extreme one, is my old 9th grade government teacher's e-mail address. The suffix is: Starting from the right, he is in the US. He is in North Carolina. He teaches (K-12). He is at Chapel Hill High School. We know now, just from his e-mail address, that he teaches at CHHS in North Carolina.

It's amazing, isn't it!
Mine's, now tell me who I am.