God what a great game. It was made by Bethesda Software in the very early 90s. The very first first person shooter I ever played. I don't know why this didn't skyrocket like Wolfenstein 3d. Sure, it had worse graphics but much better gameplay. And gameplay makes the game. For one, you had a very fun mission. You either play Kyle Reese or the T-1000 and try to kill each other. You are both placed on random spots on a positively HUGE map of Los Angeles. If you are Reese, you are weaker and you have to find and protect Sarah Connor but your advantage is that you can heal at hospitals and walk into stores without causing chaos. If you are the T-1000, you are stronger, faster, but you can't do the things listed above. God there were so many weapons. You had your uzis, Berettas, hunting rifles, ak-47s. But if you found the secret army depots, you had grenades, m-16s, and rocket launchers (blowing up random cars was my secondary mission besides searching and destroying the T-1000)! Damn what a cool game. Plus you could jack and drive any car you see. Rob banks and stores, shoot around in a shooting gallery, mow down innocent people and then mow down entire SWAT teams. You could buy a whole load of things from crowbars to running shoes. I didn't know how to effectively use the condom though. Also, I always figured you were supposed to inseminate Sarah Conner as Kyle Reese but didn't know how. Note: Ignore what holloway has said about this game. He's thinking of another game. I am not referring to the bland point and shoot uzi conversion to a pc. This game came way before that.