There seems to be some confusion between recursion and self-reference, between recursion and nesting, and between recursion and repetition.

Self-reference may often be paradoxical, but that does not make it recursive. This statement is false is self-referential and paradoxical. It is not recursive.

Several layers of nested subroutines do not a recursion make. But any routine that calls itself is recursive.

When we speak of iterations or loops, vis a vis recursion, things become a little more semantic. Most loops at least have the potential to be recursive.

Repetition is not necessarily recursion. If you yell, "Shut the fuck up," at me a hundred times, you're being repetitive1 - but there is no recursion involved. But if someone gives you instructions that say, "Yell, 'Shut up,' then follow the instructions on this message," then it is not only a repetitive process, but recursive as well2.

To sum3, all recursive processes are self-referential, but not all self-references are recursive. Ditto for nesting, loops, and repetition.

1not to mention a rude asshole
2and the person who gave you these instructions ought to be flogged
3If you haven't grasped the concept, read the almost intelligible WU by kto9 under recursion.