b.1908 d.1990
When the question is asked, "Who was the greatest football player of all time?" The name "Bronko" Nagurski should be near the top of the list.

Between World War I and World War II few names in America were more recognizable than Bronko Nagurski. He was a college football star at the University of Minnesota (1927 - 1929), winning All-American awards at both fullback and tackle. He led the Chicago Bears to championships in his first two professional football seasons. And he became a world champion in professional wrestling (NWA).

Bronislau Nagurski was born in Canada (Rainy River, Ontario) just across the border from International Falls, Minnesota. His parents moved to International Falls when Bronko was four and he would make it his home for most of his life.

Nagurski's physical power and humble nature made him more than a celebrity -- he was a hero. In his home state of Minnesota almost any news concerning Nagurski was deemed worthy of frontpage importance.

Bronko was a charter member of both the college football and pro football Halls of Fame. The Bronko Nagurski Museum in International Falls is the first museum dedicated to an individual football player. An award named after him is given annually to the top college football defensive player.