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read, love and learn
specialisation = evolution + entropy
burn the old school only after having stolen all the usefull books from the library
Those who disturb the peace of a dozing lion are destined to find their own in its belly
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An elusive individual, last spotted moving between Cambridge and Montreal. kosAi has his roots in Montreal and lives there to this day. Visually, kosAi manifests himself in "reality" as a somewhat average looking human caucasian male, ususally clothed in black A student of the human OS, kosAi lives for the crossroad moments in life, Temporary Autonomous Zones, bursts of passion and friendship. He is a lover first and warrior second. Although kosAi started his path of self discovery on a TRS80 model 1 back in 1982, fate led him to lose himself in music for many years. Acts of rebellion led him into the freak scene where he met his friends and co-conspirators. kosAi is a young piece of bamboo, he knows to bend when the wind is strong and that he will grow as long as he minds his roots

Mythical? Place
Lying in bed next to the one that makes you feel safe staring at the ceiling listening to her dream the night away, feeling her breath against your neck as you slowly fade into your dreams.

Japanese word for intercourse. Not fornication so much as communication between individuals. A free and consensual exchange of ideas between 2 people