Spanish weird character. An aspiring director/actor, he managed to fund his first projects by becoming a regular participant at TV game shows. The money he earnt there let him made his first short films, and it seems that the experience he got there helped him on promoting his films.

His first major work would be in El Día de la Bestia, which made him a popular character, though he had given interesting performances on films like Sexo Oral or the fascinating Acción Mutante. He did bits for other Spanish films, 'till he finally gave birth to his dreamed project.

Torrente, El Brazo Tonto De La Ley (rough translation: Torrente, Law's Dumb Arm) portrays a jurassic franquist cop, corrupt, dirty and supporter to Atlético de Madrid and his quests. I did not find it all that funny, though it was surely gross. Most of the wit there has gone into the people ('well, let's jerk each other off, but no gay stuff, ok?'), sure, as Torrente sky-rocketed through the Spanish Box Office, only to be topped later by its sequel, Torrente 2: Misión en Marbella.