A USENET newsgroup for the discussion of sex with sanity shattering horrors from beyond space and time. To give an example of the, errr, flavor of the group, here's an example from the FAQ:

Q: Does Cthulhu practice safe sex?

A: Any sentence containing the words "Cthulhu" and "safe" is oxymoronic, whether or not it contains the word "sex".

Since the group is in the alt.sex hierarchy, it gets flooded by spam about barely legal teens and hot lesbian sex. To make the group useful in spite of this, non-spam posters preface the subjects of their posts with "POD:", from the word pseudopod, for the tentacles on Cthulhu's face. The spam is occasionally the target of parodies by ASC regulars, who write fake sex-spam as it would be if it was made for/by the eldritch Old Ones.