This morning felt like early fall (um, in the mid-atlantic, anyway), so I opened all of my windows. As I went to get my Wall Street Journal on the front sidewalk of my apartment building, I noticed that they had removed the butterfly plant. It was a large bush with pink flowers of some sort that attracted a lot of butterflies, as well as puffy bees of heretofore unimagined size. I am displeased and will be writing my congressman about this issue later today.

After reading the Journal and having breakfast, I spend about an hour playing Grim Fandango, stop to get mail, and get sidetracked reading about Grim Fandango, which led to my Tim Schafer node.

I plan on making more coffee, installing another NIC, and going back to the game, which I will be playing for most of the day. I also got a 128MB module for my laptop, so I'll put that in tonight.

Next week I'm going to start calling certain contracting firms, so I can work and continue to support my coffee addiction. A few days ago I registered for two Internet-based English classes for fall, so if I have to travel on occasion it won't be a travesty in terms of school. During my appointment with the advisor, I expressed interest in a class called Communication for Engineering and Technology. He said that he didn't think that would be in my area (something to that effect). I told him that I'm a network engineer, and he said "Oh." He was surprised. I was an English major before I got into the field, have a lot of credits towards the major, and just want to finish it. Frick.