If you are a noder currently in university, for the love of all that's holy, stay until you finish. I repeat: Stay until you finish. You shall know when this happens because they mark the occasion with a piece of paper (preferably with your name and such on it) that signifies you do not have to come back unless you are crazy enough to want yet another piece of paper.

Because I warn you - if you do not, in fact, finish with tangible proof, you may feel the pressing need to return for said proof. Being unemployed in a sad sack of a job market, I thought actually finishing my university education would be a good idea. Actually, it just bugs me that I haven't finished. It also bugs me that there are people who did finish, people who are completely and utterly worthless as employees, who have job security right now because they happened to get in at the right time.

I talked with an advisor today who mentioned roughly a zillion course names and numbers and certain other bits and pieces that, when taken as a whole, implied that I would in fact be in school forever.

The scary thing is, I was nearly done. Damn university transfers. Really, it's a pain in the ass to even think about dealing with this again. I look forward to it in certain ways, but ... well, anyway. This fall and next spring I'm doing Internet-based courses at home, and then something like 500 semesters after that, full-time. Fie!!

Aside from that, I'm trying to watch Million Dollar Hotel, but it's...not really working for me. I finished Gaiman's Neverwhere and started on Stardust. I've seen A.I. and Final Fantasy this week, and may see Legally Blonde later on. Can you tell I'm unemployed? It still feels weird.

I have a vase of 12 roses here, and apparently, if one wilts, you're supposed to remove it, cut its stem under water, then place it in warm water, up to the petals and by itself for two hours until it revives. I've done it with four now, since Monday, and it works. It's kind of silly how proud I am of the whole thing. All twelve look great.