On this day in 1997, the world's first kickboxing school opened for nannies in St. Petersburg, Russia, in response to an epidemic of kidnapping. I'd say It's a fact!, but the world's first? Hmm.

I studied some today but I've been distracted by mp3s. Really, anytime now I'm going to stop playing Praise You and quotes from Shaft and start taking Boson practice tests again. Anytime now. Yes, very soon.

I read on Yahoo this morning about the divorces of seemingly everyone: Tom and Nicole, Alec and Kim, Noel and Meg, Boris Becker and ?, and probably some others. It just seemed odd, that there were were several at once. And of course I went past all of the important world issues, saying "Tom and Nicole?" Sigh.

Today is also Ronald Reagan's birthday. We saw a good documentary the other night, mostly regarding the Iran-Contra Affair, and there was a picture of Reagan putting in an office - surrounded by James Baker, et al - with a goofy expression. I really want that picture, and I don't know why.

I still haven't tried Vegemite. I'm afraid.