A Cantrip is the faerie magic primarily used in Changeling the Dreaming. Powered by Glamour and imagination cantrips are spells that manifest the Dreaming in many ways. They are organized into arts, the type of the power used, and realms, which defines what will be affected by the cantrip.

In the second edition of Changeling the Dreaming, there are six defined arts. They are the arts most commonly used, although Changeling players are encouraged to create unique arts.

  • Chicanery: the art of deception and manipulation of a mind, at lower levels it can play tricks on one's senses, while it can also be powerful enough to control emotions at higher levels.
  • Legerdemain: is the art of illusion and physical manipulation, it can be simple card tricks, grabbing someone's keys from across the room, or creating seemingly real illusions.
  • Primal: is the art of the elements and nature, a begnniner in Primal could talk to inanimate objects and cast a rainstorm of rock, whereas a master could transform himself or others to whatever he pleased, trees, animals, dragons, or whatever he could imagine.
  • Soothsay: is the art of fortune-telling and prediction, one could see into the fate of another being, or if he had enough power, totally change it.
  • Sovereign: is the art of a noble's power, generally used by one of nobility to enforce law upon the commoner, it could also inspire awe in another or ban another fae from doing something.
  • Wayfare: is the art of travel, abilities range from allowing one to move faster, leap farther, flight, or even teleport to another place.
Realms in Changeling the Dreaming are divided into six. The realm possesed allows the fae to cast the cantrip that would affect this area.
  • Actor: the realm of morals and supernatural beings.
  • Nature: the realm of nature; animals, elements and plants.
  • Fae: the realm of faeries.
  • Prop: the realm of inanimate objects crafted by a human hand.
  • Scene: the realm that determines the size of the area that one could cast a cantrip over.
  • Time: the realm that allows a time delay to be put on a cantrip.