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Bastard librarian from hell. Not a stereotype. Pierced and tattooed public librarian, in the greater metropolitan Detroit area.

Interested in sleep, reading, hanging out with high school friends, spoiling my dog and cat and keeping my 1992 Saturn SL/2 running. I love to travel, and have visited many places in the United States and eastern Canada, and have also been to Sweden, Finland, Scotland and London.

Attempting to:

  • learn enough Finnish to trace my family's roots
  • manage to live with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  • explore the kaballah
  • avoiding Taco Bell.

    Spends way too much time online, surfing, adding to the node, and chatting on IRC, and can usually be found on:

  • EFNet - #bodyart
  • Undernet - #industrial
  • DALNet - #spikee

    Adores synthpop, 80s radio, espeically Duran Duran, VNV Nation, AndOne and Covenant and de\vision.

    Personal pages :