Yesterday was a bad day. Today has been ok. I'm gonna hold off on the voodoo doll for a little bit.

The pregnancy is progressing well. I'm 16 week/4 months now. I felt the baby move starting last week and have continued to feel its tiny movements. That is a happy thing. It makes me smile to myself when I feel those little twitches. Our next ultrasound will be on Oct. 14th, we should be able to find out the gender at that time.

My daughter Elizabeth's health is still up in the air. I'll give a brief re-cap in case you haven't heard the gory details. Before summer camp ended this past summer, Elizabeth had a few incidents of wetting her pants. It happened several days in a row. We took her to the doctor to make sure that there wasn't something wrong. Well, it turns out she's got a lot of protein in her urine. At the same time they sent her urine off for a culture and sensitivity to see if there was any bacteria. We then went on vacation for a week. We came back, got a voicemail saying there was some growth, so we got the antibiotic prescription filled and started her on it. Then she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. So we took her off the medicine and went back to the doctor. There was still a lot of protein in her urine but no more bacteria (the first time may have been an error in specimen capture, its hard to explain clean catch urine procedures to a 9 y/o). At the same time, there was some other concern about her blood sugar, but that's been resolved somewhat now. In the meantime she's had a ton of lab work done and some of the levels were elevated. She's scheduled to see a pediatric nephrologist on Sept. 30th at Children's Hospital.

If you've met her, you know how sweet and kind Elizabeth is, and she has simply taken all of this in stride. I'm proud of her. Think nice thoughts about her.