I have no idea where kessenich got his information but it sure doesn't sound like it came from anybody who actually carries a firearm on a day to day basis. But one thing I agree on is that ankle holsters are only for carrying your number 3 weapon, or your back-up, back-up gun. You do have one don't you?

First of all there are probably ten times more choices in holsters than there are choices in firearms.

On any given day you have the choice of any of the following:

And each has its own pro and con. For concealability you will most likely have to give up a little accesibility, an IWB will conceal like a dream but will take a tad longer to draw from than a paddle holster. Cross draw holsters are good for people who sit a lot or drive a lot, they are not very concealable though. Sadly, women don't actually prefer shoulder holsters, but from my research they prefer to carry guns in their purses or handbags. This is not advisable as it is very easy to snatch away and can result in easily getting disarmed.

The mentioned Jackass holster is indeed a very classy design and can be seen used in the TV show Miami Vice. That design is now owned by the Galco company.

Whichever one you choose, make sure you regularly practice drawing and presenting your weapon from it as to maintain proficiency.