I am surprised when they, friends, are so callous to Brandon. say things like, Well that's interesting coming from a guy who's never had a girlfriend. He takes it, these comments are not new. His face does not do anything. It is just a face it tells them nothing, I see him doing it.

He is so quiet all the time and there is a difference between shy and sad. Led into conversation, he does it well. You might never know anything was devouring him, if not for the constant flickers of gratitude. and Ha ha Brandon doesn't have a girlfriend.

Didn't we stop making fun of people for being lonely a long time ago? high school? Back when not having a partner was just one more on the list of things people could make fun of you for. It wasn't a way of life. It wasn't a sentence a prediction or your doom writen down unchangeable. It was a current event that seemed like a good thing to pick on. you look unloved, that's one more dork point.   We were lonely in high school; who wasn't? We are lonely now. We are lonely today. You are reading it and knowing it. Aren't we tired of pointing it out.

I would like to go back in time. I would like to fly across this city and grab Brandon by the collar. I would grab my 15-year-old self by the throat.   I would say to us, You have got to be kidding me. You have no idea how much more of this is waiting for you. I would say, Amateur.