On my way home I stopped in Francesville, well, because. Plus my back was sore, not that much driving I suppose but sometimes my body gives up faster than it should. In the absence of a sofa or the soothing voice of tv I walked along a graveled ditch, my car left in an empty lot next to the sign. Welcome to Francesville. It's a Friendly Town.

Too much thought for me, brain not numbed by the road like I'd hoped. Will they get married and will I mind.   I veered into the cornfield for the fireflies. They swam lazy around my feet, on and off, little green ciphers I couldn't read.

It had rained and the cornstalks were cold and slick with it. Careful. Dry leaves can cut like the thinnest blade, wet ones are worse. If you move slow enough you will be safe. I stepped forward into the tall deep green. Over my head, too tall for this early, they'll have to get harvesting soon.

Far enough in, there isn't a road anymore, isn't a graveled ditch, isn't my car. All I am left with is clouded spookyblue sky, green flashers floating, and wind enough to shish the corn like dry fingers in silence. Far enough in, lost in a farmjungle, I am not my achy back or my countdown of miles left to travel, I am left here alone, to enjoy it.