I have the song, "The Longest Time" in my head right now. I had a long talk with a few friends. God what am I looking for. I honestly haven't been interested in anyone new in about a year. That's when Jeff and I got together. I mean, I have had crushes, and what not.. but I haven't met anyone where the risk of opening my heart was even something to think about.

I am not looking to fall in love, just to meet someone where falling in love might be even a possibility a long way down the road. Someone where romance is a card that could be played, right now it isn't even in the deck. Not that crappy, Hallmark version. Something real and genuine. Maybe I am just getting odd because Valentine's Day is approaching.

I'm not going to look for it, but I won't ignore it either. I am not foolish enough to believe this is something I can find if I go seeking it. I suppose now isn't the time to meet Mister Right. I suppose I'm just not ready right now. I have so many other things I should be directing my attention to. Should be. Ha!

Maybe I should just sit down to node, and while I do that watch "Playing By Heart" again.