IBFT was a zine in the early to mid 90's. It stood for "I Bleed For This". I think they explain what IBFT is about the best in the first issue;

Who we are: IBFT is Snarfblat and Jason Farnon. Snarf is 19, on leave from college because he hated it. His hobbies include sleeping, eating and being pathetic.

Farnon is 17, but he might as well be 80. His age is irrelevant, because he will always suck. He doesn't go to High School. Instead he harasses people on irc from a remote location in hopes of feeling better about himself. He aspires to be arrested so people will think he is cool.

IBFT was started by Snarfblat's and Farnon's cats, Clawdia and Kiesa, respectively. Although they sit on their asses all day (they have been fixed) and only move to defecate and ingest more material to defecate, even they were appalled by our sorry selves. So they carded us computers, warez, (QEdit registered) and told us to start a zine. All the money in the world could not buy us a life, so we have taken a break from sitting home, twitching and quoting Nine Inch Nails.