'Hazzah' is a game that I first heard about on Triple J, a radio station in Australia. It can be played by almost any number of people, is EXTREMELY easy to learn and can be loads of fun if the contestants are willing to make slight fools of themselves...

  1. Players - the game can be played with just 2 people, but tends to get more fun as the number of contestants increases.
  2. A Movie - This can be ANY movie and it can be ANYwhere - at the cinemas (although it depends if you mind slightly annoying other patrons), at the drive in or in the comfort of your very own living room.

Ok, now to the good stuff. The aim of the game is to be the first contestant to yell 'Hazzah!' when the title of the movie you're watching is said by one of the characters. For example if the movie you were watching happened to be 'Titanic' and someone in the movie said 'The Titanic, the greatest ship ever built' you would yell 'Hazzah! as soon as the word 'Titanic' was said. You would not, I repeat, NOT wait until the end of the sentence to yell it. First person who yells is the winner and being polite will get you nowhere.

  1. 'Hazzah' is not a game to be played quietly. In order to win you have to yell. A disqualification is possible if it is decided by the majority of the players that the 'Hazzah' was said too quietly. You've been warned...
  2. In movies where the title is repeated lots of times by its characters keeping score becomes necessary. Don't lose heart. Just because you missed the first one doesn't mean you can't come back.
  3. In the event of a tie (two or more people yelling Hazzah at EXACTLY the same time) all of the Hazzah-ers get a point for that call. Either that, or you can fight it out to the death - totally your decision.

Watching a tv show or listening to a CD or the radio? Not a problem. 'Hazzah' is not confined to the movie theatre. Think they don't ever say the names of TV shows in the actual show? Think again. And we all know songs are generally named for the lyrics, right? A game for anytime. Enjoy!

*These rules have been adapted by my particular group of friends while playing the game. They can, of course, be added to or changed as you see fit. Want to add a compulsory chicken dance when calling out? Do it. Want to make it mandatory for the loser to stand on their head and sing the national anthem? Just do what you think is right....