We went around winning territory, the guys versus the girls. Three in each group. This was serious stuff; things were bombed or shot at, but rarely was there hand to hand combat. The guys lost intel on what was left to take, so I was sent to get it. "The only thing that hasn't been taken is the tunnel junction underneath the library," I heard one of them say.

Problem was, I was in the tunnel junction. I knew they were coming, and since there are four entrances, I felt a little insecure. I backed up against the wall such that anyone coming down the stairs wouldn't see me - and to my relief and excitement, they sent only one, the asian, down to secure the area. Right when she took her last step, I spun around, stretched out my right foot and tripped her... now I had the advantage, but we still had to duel.

The fight was matrix style, but without bullet time. Flipping in the air took only grace, not effort. She was wearing all black, and as it is often hard to perceive details in dreams, I noticed it was frustratingly hard to watch where her legs went. No one scored any real hits, we both could tell that each other felt that to win would not require brute force, but elegance. At one point we each jumped up at each other, and I kicked her leg out from under her, which left her flat in the middle of the air and spun her so her head was looking up. I grabbed her stomach so as to force her down and decelerate my horizontal motion, and I was going to let her back hit the ground with all the force that gravity would bring, but I slid my hand under her so as to lighten the blow. Clearly I wanted her on the ground, just not paralyzed... that wouldn't be any fun.

She kicked me off and got back up, launched at me again. This time it was a foolish launch, if I recall correctly, because I was able to sweep her aside with a foot and a bounce of the wall. When I landed she was on the ground once more but far enough away she had time to get up. "You haven't kissed me yet," she said. She could tell, and so could I.

As we walked towards one another I tried to make her feel that that would be the time, and she realized at the last moment that it wasn't, but still her defense was not enough... I had jumped such that my legs surrounded her torso, and captured her arms in my palms at the elbows. She was at the mercy of my... well my waist, but only with regard to forces. We landed once more, I was straddling her, she on the ground, and she tried to kick me off, but I moved up to her stomach, still having her arms pinned at the sides. That was the time.

We could each see out of the corner of our eyes that a man walked by, but we couldn't tell who, as we were both so close to the ground. When the first was over I got up, as she did, and I quickly slid down the hall to see who it was. She followed, and looked. "Oh no," she said.

As she approached him they exchanged some words which I could not hear, and he hung his head, turned and left. "What was that? Who was he?" "Oh nothing," she said. This was the nothing of a woman. I asked, "was he your old boyfriend?" "Yeah, and he had hoped it was going to last forever. He didn't understand why it didn't. But you know we're going to last forever, until the day we die right?"

My dream had become a nightmare, the fruit tasted so bitter now. "No one wants anything all the way until they die," I said, half chuckling hoping she wasn't serious, and all the while not thinking through if it was true. But alas, I knew I couldn't stand to be with someone so lost in love and emotion, despite her beauty and my exhilaration while fighting. That was the end of the dream, graceful as the fight and ugly as a devil's trick. I hope in real life, I'll find a fighter who can impress with more than her limbs.