The bible published by Jesus Seminar. I believe they call it the "The Scholar's Version", which seems to imply other translations aren't scholarly. The Jesus Seminar used a colored bead voting system to determine if Jesus said what the gospels attribute Him saying.
  • A red bead meant Jesus definitely said it.
  • A pink bead meant Jesus may have said it.
  • A gray bead meant He didn't say it, but the context is similar to Jesus' ideas.
  • A black bead meant Jesus definitely didn't say it.

Their conclusions were that Jesus did not say 82% of what the gospels attribute. Of the remaining 16%, they are only give "red" to 2%. For example, in the Lord's Prayer, the seminar only believes Jesus said "Our Father".

In addition to the four traditional gospels, the group includes the Gospel of Thomas, which is rejected by mainstream scholars.

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