New beginnings are a wonderful thing,
You just pray it’s not another fling.
So much potential for good this time,
An astounding guy is finally mine.

Once I only saw the sun setting,
Would spend hours crying to my bedding.
All the roses had wilted away,
This eternal gloom was here to stay.

Now I see the colors rising in ribbons,
Daggers meant to drive away now-forgotten demons.
My sky fades from to a mosaic of emotions upon which to embark,
Now there is a chance to emerge from the dark.

Penetrating rays come between my shading leaves,
I can’t help but watch as through the crowd he weaves.
Seeing him makes me smile,
I’m delirious after talking only awhile.

It didn’t take as long as I thought,
Memories no longer seem such a haunt.
Now there’s someone making my rose open up,
A pillow to hug, a safe place for trust.

A few months have gone by,
Magical memories stamped across our sky.
Although both have traveled this path before,
We’ve learned each relationship has new things in store.

Due to young age and confusion all around,
Happy times do not always abound.
Things have been said and actions done,
Not meant, but pointing to an end to the fun.

Caught it! Being aware should help,
A strand of light reaching through the mass of kelp.
The loving hand reaches down,
And again we are found.

Being realistic is hard while falling in love,
After our conclusion, recollections will be pure as a dove.
But we still have more to learn from each other,
He is my lover and friend, unparalleled by any other.

I am adding this after writing and noding the actual poem.

I have heard every cliche expression,
They don't help the feelings of depression.
I miss the guy I began to date,
The one he has become is hard to not hate.

I cannot comprehend a change so large,
But now I'm alone and must take charge.
There was a supportive friend I once had,
Now's he even seems oblivious when I'm sad.

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