Radiskull is one half of the rap-rock duo "Radiskull & Devil Doll." Radiskull & Devil Doll is the title of an animated cartoon series that debuted on Shockwave.com on Halloween of 1999.

Radiskull, the cartoon character, appears as a giant floating skull sporting a red bandana. He is a supernatural demon from Hades Minor. Radiskull is not very bright and tires easily. He commonly makes threats to kill, as in: "I will kill you all, one by one, just for fun." Radiskull is very enthusiastic about consuming "boiling hot coffee" and chocolate, (these items are usually brought and fed to him by his small pal Devil Doll).

The name "Radiskull" was made up by his creator (Me, Joe Sparks), as a combination of the words "Radical" and "Skull." Sparks did many searches on the name before using it, and found zero results from all major search engines, prompting him to think "cool- unique but relevant and familiar sounding...".

Eight episodes of Radiskull & Devil Doll were created as of Spring 2001. A book about the duo was released in Fall of 2001. A R & DD comic book from Devil's Due Publishing is scheduled for release in Summer 2002. Relevant URLs include joesparks.com and atomshockwave.com.