Similar to Fascism, although derived specifically around the belief 
that the ASCII character set is theoretically perfect and an ideal 
standard for written communication.

* fASCIIsm does not approve of HTML e-mail or any other kind of
  styled e-mail.
* fASCIIsm does not endorse the replacement of emoticons with 
  pictorial icons.
* fASCIIsm is mono-spaced.
* fASCIIsm holds the idea of ASCII characters as the highest ideal 
  of communication, there has never before in human history been 
  a more pure expression of letters.

While fASCIIsm believes design is relevant and essential to the
communication of information, fASCIIsm sets aside design as a 
stage of interpretation or service to the reader, content itself
exists as a combination of conceptually ideal letter-symbols. 

Those who believe in fASCIIsm are called fASCIIsts.