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  • Mr. Spock with his angel-costume daughter. He called her "my tinfoil girl" and asked her to meet him in back for a smoke.
  • A KFC commercial. I said "Yes, I realize it's all plastic, but I am still a vegetarian!" I don't think anyone in the room had provoked me, but I was offended by their attitudes. I ripped my toga down the side and stalked out of the room.
  • Four men floated past the couch and that meant they were dying. I pulled Tom Hanks back; I couldn't stand it.
  • We were in a room high off the ground with many other people but we could still share it and it was good.
  • driving round the parking lot AGAIN
  • the kid's humming was making me nuts and I asked him to stop, a couple of times. Dusik was mean to me and said I needed to be more firm. Firmness was not working, this kid was just a jackass. I took him to the closet to find a book and suddenly I was a boy, about twelve, in tears because I realized I could never have a baby and what were the odds of even finding the right girl to marry? Slim. I couldn't stand it.
  • relocate with edebroux to Wisconsin