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  • Taylor Davidson took my right shoe and threw it. I barked at her to come back but she was gone. Another group leader (the waitress from Wonder Boys) grabbed her and brought her back. Her eyes were enormous and angry. She yelled at Taylor, then I did, then I saw a text scene of Taylor at home, being yelled at by her mother.

  • A day-care run from home and we were all doing a shitty job of it.

  • The snipers were there to identify our flaws. They shone lights back and forth, like miniature prison searchlights, sweeping into the windows of all houses. How was this old house in the middle of those blue skyscrapers? If the light hit me they would know all abut me. When the grass turned edible I tried some but wasn't too impressed. The others ate greedily. I knew something else was going on. Toilet in the sofa? but then it wasn't there. My grandmother was there, skulking, always around every corner, dusting angrily. Noah was older and in a suit. I started to know it was a dream but didn't let on. My father made her a decorative plaque with dried pansies, but it was a decoy.