1. How long ago did we meet?
  2. I bought an Android
  3. After your boss told me
  4. My iPhone was useless
  5. Foolishly I hung onto it
  6. Brought it back to life
  7. Breathing talk and text
  8. Into my rose colored box
  9. Was that your idea?
  10. Or mine? 
  11. There is a picture here
  12. Of my oldest daughter
  13. That makes me cry
  14. I have some cash now
  15. But it is a small pile
  16. I was in love once
  17. Yesterday I saw him again
  18. Will you become irrelevant?
  19. While I unravel like yarn
  20. Missing a set of needles
  21. Twisting into primitive knots
  22. I need to do my own thing
  23. Love means letting go
  24. Therefore I shall
  25. Disregard this memo
  26. Apparently it was meant
  27. For someone else.
  28. jessicaj
  29. P.S. I forgive you.
  30. Treating myself kindly
  31. Will be much harder
  32. Thanks for the pink shirt
  33. Your turquoise tie 
  34. Changed my life
  35. Silly me. Lonely you.
  36. But we'll get through
  37. Somehow...
  38. Xoxo, j