Is this the right mountain,   
For us to climb?




It was

it is 

always about expectations


What you think is going to happen

should happen

might happen


What she thinks is going to happen

could happen, 



Reconciling differences is a nice sentiment

it sounds so much more benign than  







Is this the way to live,  
For me to be yours?

Is this the way to live?

Is it wrong to want


lyrics from "undiscovered first " Feist

My uncle says he can't help think
I am making up exciting, even lurid stories about his mother's childhood in Turkey

child of missionary parents
her father the President of Anatolia College

and a book on Anatolia College
lists that he was witness to the Armenian genocide

an estimated 1.5 million Armenians killed in Turkey
in the 19 teens

and my grandmother 16 years old escaping Turkey
not knowing the danger they were in

as Christians were being killed too
"escaped" says the family story

but the book says "deported" by the Turks
which history is right?

The book quotes my great grandfather, that 800 men
age 16-60 were taken from their town

to trenches, killed and buried
yet my uncle insists that my grandmother knew nothing

and I wonder, what sort of bell jar was she kept in?
or was she silent

about what she knew

Anatolia College:

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