2 days removed from work.

I feel liberated, as anyone would, but I'm saddened by the loss. It's not until after I'm gone, until I realize how much I miss the place.

I knew it would be temporary. I didn't know that they considered me the best intern they ever had. It wasn't until the last day, the day of my review, until I found this out. For the hours that I spent downloading Simpsons episodes, and the hours I spent browsing E2 (screw MSNBC. I can get all the daily news from E2), I would have thought they would have classified me under the extremely lazy, incompetent category.

This was not the case. I was expecting a very negative send-off, and as such, waiting to get out. But I was more well liked than I perceived.

I think I just might go back.

The roommate arrives this weekend. So far, things have gone well with him. No suprise there, considering we've made about 1 phone contact, and 2 IM contacts in the past 3 months. Las Vegas is reporting on 6:1 odds that I'll be about ready to pull his eyeballs from their sockets by next Wednesday.

Good bet. I'd take it.