I've never really liked my grandmother.

I dont get along with anyone in my family, really. I suppose that's because I'm a very difficult person. But recently, I've started to enjoy... no, I think appreciate is the word... my grandmother's company. I never would have guessed, but she, like me, was a techie in high school.

The sad thing about our relationship is the way we grew closer- through a common enemy- my mother.

I know that she regretted having my mother, and now she feels bad that I have to suffer because of her mistake. But now Grandmother is dying. And strangely, I don't feel sad. I think she'll be happier that way. She hasn't had a happy life... my mother is the living manisfestation of that... so I'm hoping that we all get to go someplace nicer when we die. Because even though people make mistakes, we all deserve a second chance.