Alright, now that its been 7 years since the last post, let me update this. Currently we (the U.S. Army) are fielding the M2A3 Bradley fighting vehicle, which is one bad assed machine. It has a new powerplant and transmission system that provided over 600hp that propel the 33ton beast faster than 65mph, and the transmission is a TECECB, or transmission electronically controlled, electronically controlled braking. This means the the tranny is much more efficient and the thing stops on a dime. The armor is much thicker, and thanks to the Iraq war we usually put reactive armor on the beast so its hull will withstand much more abuse. The firing control system and gunsights have also been upgraded to ao gunner can easily punch through the armor of a T-72 out past 3000m.

The troop compartment will hold 6 joes without problem...not very comfortable but grunts are used to the abuse. The rear firing ports don't normally get used, but those M-231 firing port weapons make for dandy close quarters people-mowers.

As for a comparison to the old M-113, hands down I trust my life on the Bradley. a .50cal machine gun will tear a 113 the shreds, whereas the Bradley crew will be protected, and can engage said gunner. And who wants to float a Bradley? Honestly we have bridging units for a reason. This APC is combat proven and not to be messed with. It will eat up T-72's, BMP's of all types, and make enemy break ranks and flee. my moneys on the Brad. Get on your track and follow me!