This has been gnawing at me all day. There was so much symbolism in my dream that I know it must mean something, but I have no freaking idea what it could be.

I was in my grandfather's tiny house in Blue Island, with many members of my family. I went into the basement and found a little, wiry monkey, very casually exploring the grounds. What the... So I grabbed a frying pan and lid and trapped the monkey inside and brought him upstairs.

"I found a monkey in the basement!" I said, "It's in this frying pan."

But when I opened the pan, there was just an egg inside, like a magic trick! Everyone rushed over and said "quick quick, eggs have to be in the fridge!" But by the time I got to the fridge, the egg had hatched, and the monkey jumped out again, and was very well behaved, sitting on my lap and eating for the rest of the evening.

Eggs, fertility, the monkeys must mean grandfather's house...gosh, I hope it means I'm finally pregnant. Let me know if you have any ideas