I am on an expedition to build a pyramid; my group, when finished with the salmon stones, returns to school...in order to do so, I must journey through...Hong Kong? on a bicycle or wheeled leather suitcase. One girl and I return together, and the cab first drops her off; I follow her to her meeting place with her mother. After that, I work my way across the city, down slopes and steps and by an alley with dimly lighted displays of drawings—why are there no pornographic ones? I wonder—until I come to a main street, many people using it to get home.

School is a little ways away, and so although I pass members of my family on the way, I am not going home with them but to school. Once on campus, I come across a new building, the biology MIT science building addition, a round space with large, heavy, wood-framed, spotlessly clean glass doors. Through them I can see a large meeting table; my advisor is there, heading a meeting, as well as some people I recognize from school, and somewhere in there, I know, is my boyfriend, but I don’t bother to look for him.

However, seeing as I dropped science this last year, I am not allowed in.

I walk away to an empty hallway some ways away from the building so that I won’t bother anyone and sing a song from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. However, some woman from the meeting does come and say that they can hear me even in that room, and could I stop? So I do. I wander into the auditorium, which is dark but has an odd filled sound to it, as though many people were whispering, and indeed, the lights suddenly, blindingly come on to reveal that the room is about two-thirds filled with people. I see the drama teachers sitting among them. I also see the group of girls with whom I worked on the pyramid, and so go to them. Someone holds up a camera to take a picture of them, and I stand up so that I can be in the picture (they are in the row above mine), but as I do, I sense that I am losing my balance and am about to fall down.