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How's this for a GTKY node:

Ah fuck it. Not worth my energy, that one isn't.

Just thought I'd share that.

I just got what I think might be the best compliment I've ever been given:

2005.9.9@4:50 Bitriot says I thought that with a name like j3nny3lf you'd be all cutesy, but you're surly as all hell. This pleases me.

Regarding my username. No, I never read the Piers Anthony books and didn't know what a Jennyelf was until somebody asked me if I was a Xanth fan.

It's simply a corruption of my real name (Jenn) and my first login name (elfin1). I use 3s instead of Es not because I am some sort of leet goddam haxor loser, but because if you have a name like j3nny3lf, you can be pretty fucking sure that the name will be yours wherever you go. E2, LiveJournal, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. Having to just remember one damn login name instead of fifty is worth rude little buggers calling you a "l33+ h4x0r" all the time.

I just hit level 2 and have these votes I need to use up each day, and I've decided on a 'method' for doing so. Each day I am going to choose one writer and read stuff from their WU listings that sound interesting to me and cast my votes and send comments.

I decided early on that I won't be wasting votes on downvoting. If I see something truly bad, I think there are plenty of folks out there who will downvote it plenty without me spending a vote on it. So my votes are reserved as "Damn Good Job, Kiddo!" reports. And I will always comment to you when I upvote something of yours.

I have a new definition for "Pain in the ass": Trying to figure out what of my older stuff works as WUs here and what doesn't. What works in other places does not necessarily work in this place, and what flopped in other places often seems to work well here. ARGH! I'll sort it out someday. Meanwhile, I sense another /msg coming from Klaproth, that sonofabitch. :P

Wanna see a pic?

This is what I look like. I am the one without the beard, mmmkay? I wear my hair covered at all times unless in the privacy of my own home. Religious/other reasons.

Take a wild guess how to find me on LiveJournal and AIM and my email Bet you'll NEVER guess it. And once you do, you'll understand just why I use those ridiculous 3s in my username everywhere I go. Nobody else has the proper amount of "I don't give a shit" to make such an ass of themselves all over the net just to be sure they don't have to remember 1400 usernames!

I feel this outrageous need to tell folks here that I am not a writing robot who can just churn this stuff out like some people spit. :) A lot of the stuff I'm noding currently is stuff that I wrote in the last five or six years. Currently my older stuff here is:

guide dog, Althea Gibson, children, Vegemite.

The stuff written specially for E2 is:

slack key, Banjo Paterson, Living History, Vegetarian Summer Stuffed Peppers, Soka Gakkai, July 19, 2005, July 15, 2005, Gohonzon, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, Saint Paulina of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus, Unsworn Statement of Lance Corporal Jared Schwartz (although I didn't really write this, I reposted it and added some commentary), Dream Log: July 12, 2005, Maximilian Kolbe, How to roll a cigarette, LiveJournal

Scroll down to see a categorized listing of my WUs.

Anybody got any kawfee?

I'm 40. I have 6 kids. Yes, six. My husband made four of them (boys), I made two (girls). The four he made, we don't say their names online, he's a little freaked out at the idea. In order of age, my kids are:

Bonnie (24), Technogeek (15), Amy (14), Widget (12), Gadget (9), and Midget (6).

Note to new noders:

Just for the record: I'm working on a new WU on Velveeta. Hopefully as interesting as my Vegemite WU. You KNOW you wanna see it.

Writeups boiling in my brain: Ten Worlds, Velveeta (history of), Saint Katherine Drexel, home toolbox essentials, living history, Baby Poop Soup ... others to be decided on.

My opinions on stuff that really matters to me

Abortion: A necessary evil. I don't like it. I don't support it. But at the same time, until somebody out there is willing to adopt every unwanted baby, and financially and emotionally support every unwilling mother through her pregnancy and provide her with assistance getting back on her feet after the birth and relinquishment, who the hell are we to tell these women they have to go through with their pregnancies? And don't give me that crap about "Then don't fuck." I wonder how many of the people who say no premarital sex had sex before they got married? Hypocrites suck. And as for the whole idea of putting abortion back into dark alleys and closets full of coat hangers: do that and lose two lives, not just one.

Legalizing drugs: No. Except for reefer, which I personally consider less of a dangerous drug than alcohol or nicotine.

Smoking: If I'm smoking in the privacy of my own home, I sure as hell don't think you have a right to bitch at me about it. If the owner of a restaurant or bar wants to allow smoking, it is that person's place of business, and there are plenty of other places where no smoking is tolerated.

Gun control: Oh please yes. Now.

Religion: I'm Catholic, I don't expect you to be. I like learning about other faith paths, but I do not like having my faith path put down because of some assholes during the Spanish Inquisition. This is like blaming modern Southerners for slavery.

Iraq war: What a God damned mess. Illegal, immoral, detestable.

Gay marriage: I don't see any valid reason to deny civil marriage to any two adults, regardless of race, gender, creed, or nation of origin. No church, however, should be forced to sanction the marriages unless they choose to do so.

The Death Penalty: The day that lethal injection will bring my friend Abel back to life is the day I will say "Kill the fucker who put the bullet into Abel's head." Until that day comes, what is the damned point? To quote my ex-pastor in the Baptist church when he declared that abortion due to rape was not acceptable: "Two wrongs don't make a right."

Bush: Not my president, buddy.

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